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A Very Happy New Year! Welcome 2020!

Wow... 2020! When I was a little girl of about ten years of age, I remember one particular day in elementary school class (at good old J.A. Wendt Elementary in Cathlamet, WA) where the teacher talked about the possibilities in our future. She specifically mentioned the nearly impossible (then) to imagine 2010.

I daydreamed about what my grown up, old, adult self would be like, what the world would be like then. But especially worked at trying to envision myself older than my parents. It’s the way my analytical and artistic brain works. That image and concept stuck with me and fascinated me for a couple years, actually...until my teen hormones raged and my world evolved around the teen me.

When 2010 actually happened, I smiled and flashed back to my ten year old self, and though I’d gotten it pretty much all wrong, I remembered the way my imagination had whirled and how it helped guide my critical thinking skills and my self-perceptions. It was a very fond and happy memory.

Why am I bringing up 2010 when we are on the precipice looking into the world of 2020? Because, with as much wonder and imagination as I put into 2010, I never once thought about the existence of 2020, or how old I would be. I think the ten year old me didn’t conceive I would live to be this old! Although now I don’t feel it’s all that old...sure, I’m now 60 (2020 is basically my 60th trip around the sun, as a friend of mine says)...but for some reason, that nearly lyrical sounding year has brought back some childlike wonder and imagination, but with a sweet, nostalgic, sentimental filter on it.

2020 is amazing to someone of my generation, who grew up watching sci-fi movies about the future, of flying cars and space weapons, of robot services and dehydrated food capsules...of Star Trek tech and interplanetary travel, and dreams firmly rooted in the heavens and unlimited space. Our reality is colored by these dreams and visions from the influences of books and movies.

2019 made it clear that we can choose to be disappointed, or to be enchanted and hopeful, by the actual year of 2020, and all it will contain. I know that I prefer to be enchanted, and curious, and yes, cautious against negative and dangerous trends—but to focus on finding good, delight and joy, growth, and optimism, and opportunities for sharing integrity and creativity, and the good attributes of the human spirit, and where good comes from, the grace and eternal love of God.

So, for 2020, I will not have a “New Year’s Resolution” but I will live life each day finding something to be grateful for, and taking time to thank God for His mercy and grace.

I wish all of you who read this the most inspiring, affirming, positive year of your lives, and that you will see past the negativity of this world and look up, and see all the wonderful potential and grace opportunities God has given us. I wish you inner peace and fulfillment, selflessness and true joy, love for all and hatred toward none...and the best year ever, for us all! HAPPIEST OF NEW YEARS! Welcome 2020...we’re ready with open arms!


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