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A Very Happy New Year! Welcome 2020!

Wow... 2020! When I was a little girl of about ten years of age, I remember one particular day in elementary school class (at good old J.A. Wendt Elementary in Cathlamet, WA) where the teacher talked about the possibilities in our future. She specifically mentioned the nearly impossible (then) to imagine 2010.

I daydreamed about what my grown up, old, adult self would be like, what the world would be like then. But especially worked at trying to envision myself older than my parents. It’s the way my analytical and artistic brain works. That image and concept stuck with me and fascinated me for a couple years, actually...until my teen hormones raged and my world evolved around the teen me.

When 2010 actually happened, I smiled and flashed back to my ten year old self, and though I’d gotten it pretty much all wrong, I remembered the way my imagination had whirled and how it helped guide my critical thinking skills and my self-perceptions. It was a very fond and happy memory.

Why am I …

New Class Schedule for Winter/Spring 2020!

I’m writing this just a few days before Christmas, and my needle felting deadlines are nearly finished, and that means I get to start working on class projects for the new year! Yippee!!

It is so much fun for me to conceive, design, and create class projects. (Maybe too much fun? Not even...) I want every one to be original and to use elements that, once learned, can be used for future needle felting projects by those who took the class. I also want them to dazzle and make my students and workshop attendees feel marvel and amazement over what they created simply my stabbing some fluffy wool batt with a pointed, notched, fragile needle!

So I am especially tickled to share my upcoming class schedule with you all! As I have been, these classes will also be held at the Ewe and I in enchanting, historic downtown Chehalis, WA.

If you’re interested in more information, you can check out my Facebook page Events.

Pre-registration is strongly encouraged, to reserve your seat, since we typically…