April 2, 2019

Where does the time go?! Oh, I know...it goes while I'm stabbing wool!

I was actually stupefied when I stumbled back upon this long forgotten blog. I'd started it years ago, before my needle felting had grown to a point of occupying my every spare moment. Even as I type this, I'm shaking my head at how much time has gone by, and how completely and totally I had forgotten all about my desire to write about my needle felting.

Cool thing is, in all this time, my needle felting has grown, developed, and become even a greater passion. I began teaching classes in my local town, started a Facebook group (Sculptural Needle Felting) to share and help others (and get some inspiration myself), and put time into growing a home-based business.

The teaching is awesome, the Facebook groups are a lot of fun, and stretching my needle felting skills has been exciting! I'm now adding 2D wool "painting" to my skill chest. (See the cardinal image, my very first 2D flat needle felted picture.)

I decided to close my business on Feb. 1, 2019, and I closed my Etsy shop. I've since reorganized, and now I have a hobby, not a business. I have more time to create and that's a wonderful thing.

And... I plan on actually paying attention to this blog! I've updated it, and have plans for some fun sharing. So, we'll see how many cool upcoming projects I can share with you all for the rest of the year!

Enjoy your spring!
~ Cherie'

1 comment:

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